Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Make Your Own Printable Cards

1. Open Microsoft Word 2007. Click on the 'Office' button, the round button in the upper left hand corner of your window that has the colorful Microsoft Office logo on it. Select 'New.' In the new window that appears, you will see a list of items down the left hand side. Be sure that 'Blank and Recent' is selected under the 'Templates' category, and then select 'Greeting Cards' from the list under the 'Microsoft Office Online' category.
2. Choose a category from the options that are displayed in the next window. Microsoft Word 2007 offers greeting card templates for holidays, friendship, get well, occasions and events, sympathy and thank you. Choose the category most closely related to your needs.
3. Choose a card that appeals to you from the selection of cards that follows in the next window. If you want a quarter-fold card, be sure you select a template that is formatted to fold that way. If you want a bi-fold card, select an appropriate template.
4. Make changes to the template to personalize it. Delete an image by right clicking on the outside border of the image until a blue box appears around it. Hit the delete button, or right click on the border and select 'Delete.'
5. Add other images by selecting 'Insert Picture' or 'Insert Clip Art' from the top menu in Microsoft Word. 'Insert' is the second tab from the left, next to 'Home' across the top. If you want to insert a personal photo or image from a personal file, select 'Insert Picture.' If you want to use an image provided in Microsoft's clip art library, select 'Insert Clip Art.'
6. Change the text in the greeting card if you wish. Click near the existing text and a box will appear around it. Delete the existing text and replace it with your own personalized text.
If you want to add text in another location, select the 'Insert' tab and then choose 'Insert Text Box.' Click on the area where you want the text box to appear, and then resize the box by clicking your mouse in a corner and dragging it to a new size.
7. Print your completed card. Load your card stock or other paper into your printer and be sure you have enough ink in your ink cartridges. Click on the Office button in the upper left hand corner that you used to create your document. A drop-down menu will appear, with 'Print' as an option partway down. Click on 'Print.' The print window will appear on your screen. Click on the 'Properties' button in the upper right hand corner of this window. A new window will appear. In the lower left hand corner there is a box that says, 'Orientation.' Choose either 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' depending on the type of card that you are printing. If you are printing a quarter-fold card, you will need to select the 'Portrait' option, and if you are printing a half-fold card, you need to select the 'Landscape' option. Click 'OK,' and then click 'OK' again on the following screen. Your card will print from your printer.

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