Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Make a Booklet Using Word 2007

1. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word 2007.
2. Click the 'Page Layout' tab. Click 'Margins' in the 'Page Setup' group.
3. Click 'Custom Margins' at the bottom of the drop-down list. Select the 'Pages' menu. Click 'Book Fold.' Click 'OK.' Book fold automatically sets the appropriate margins for a booklet and format the pages in a Landscape orientation.
4. Add content to the first page of the booklet. Begin typing to add text. Highlight the text and click the 'Home' tab to format the text. Choose a font, font size, text color and any other text attributes you want to change. Use the buttons in the 'Paragraph' group to make changes to alignment, line spacing, and to add a bulleted list.
5. Insert pictures and graphics on the page. If you have an image file, such as a company logo or photo, click the 'Insert' tab. Click 'Picture' in the 'Illustrations' group. Browse to select a file. Once imported, select the picture to edit it and add effects. A set of 'Picture Tools' will appear on the Ribbon when a picture is selected. To import a Word stock image, click 'Clip Art' in the 'Illustrations' group.
6. Add a second page by clicking the 'Insert' tab. Click 'Pages,' and select 'Blank Page.'
7. Continue adding content for each page of the booklet.
8. Click the 'Microsoft Office Button.' Click 'Word Options.' Under 'Advanced,' scroll to 'Show Document Content.' Check the 'Show Text Boundaries' box. This will allow you to view the page margins.
9. Click the 'Microsoft Office Button' and 'Print' when you are finished editing the document. Connect your printer to the computer and feed paper into the printer. Select your installed printer from the 'Printer' list.
10. Determine if printer is able to print on both sides. If so, follow your printer manual's instructions to do it. Otherwise, select 'Manual Duplex' in the 'Print' dialog box. Word 2007 will automatically print the pages on one side of the paper, and prompt you to turn the paper over so you can print on both sides.
11. Click 'Print.'
12. Fold the booklet in half once you have all the sides printed.

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