Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Make a Bullet Point in Line in Microsoft Word

1. Place your cursor at the location within the line of text where you want to insert the bullet.
2. Click the 'Insert' tab at the top of the Microsoft Word Ribbon. At the far right side, you see the Symbols section. Click 'Symbol.' In the Symbol box that opens, click 'More Symbols' at the bottom.
3. Select 'ASCII (Decimal)' from the 'From' drop-down menu, and then type '149' into the 'Character Code' box. Be sure that you set the 'ASCII (Decimal)' option before typing the character code.
4. Click 'Insert.' Your view returns to the document, where you can see the bullet inserted at your cursor.
5. Set a shortcut key if you wish to insert a bullet inline frequently and do not want to repeat this series of steps each time. While you're in the Symbol box, set 'From' to 'ASCII (Decimal)' and the 'Character Code' to '149' and then click 'Shortcut Key.'
6. View the bullet symbol in the Commands box of the 'Customize Keyboard' menu that opens. If the symbol is correct, insert a shortcut in the 'Press New Shortcut Key' box. For example, choose a shortcut you don't already use, such as 'Alt' and 'T' or 'Ctrl' and 'T.' Click 'Assign' and then 'Close.'
7. Insert the bullet inline by placing your cursor where you want the bullet and then pressing the key sequence you assigned as the shortcut.

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