Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Connect Separate Documents Into One Continuous Page in Word 2007

1. Start Microsoft Word.
2. Click the 'Microsoft Office' button and choose 'New.' When the New Document window opens, choose 'Blank Document.'
3. Click 'Create' to begin a new document. This is your base file -- you will collect all of your separate documents into this blank one.
4. Click the 'Insert' tab. Find the Text group.
5. Click the arrow beside 'Object' to make a new menu drop-down.
6. Click 'Text From File.' The Insert File dialog box will open.
7. Select the first document that you'd like to combine. Click 'Insert' to add it to your file. Repeat this process -- choosing 'Text From File' and selecting a file -- until you've combined all of your documents into one page.

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