Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Create a Book Format in Word

1. In Microsoft Word, select the 'Page Layout' tab.
2. Click 'Margins' in the 'Page Setup' group.
3. Select 'Mirrored.'
4. Click 'Custom Margins' to change the widths of the margins. Enter the widths you want in the 'Inside' and 'Outside' boxes. You can also change the orientation of the pages--either landscape or portrait.
5. View the page margins by clicking 'Word Options' under the 'Microsoft Office Button.'
6. Click 'Advanced.' Under 'Show Document Content,' click 'Show Text Boundaries.' Click 'OK.' The page margins will show up as dotted lines on your document.
7. Write, edit and insert images as you would for any document to create your book.

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