Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Import a Word Document Into Excel?

1. Open a Word document you want to import.
2. Click the 'Microsoft Office Button.' Click 'Word Options.'
3. Click the 'Advanced' tab. Under 'Preserve Fidelity when Sharing this Document, click 'Save Data as Delimited Text File.' This feature will allow Excel to read the file you are going to import. Click 'OK.'
4. Click the 'Microsoft Office Button.' Choose 'Save as.' Under 'Save as Type.' Select 'Plain Text.' This will save the file as a .txt file. A file conversion window will appear. Click 'OK.'
5. Open Microsoft Excel.
6. Click the 'Data' tab. In the 'Get External Data,' click 'From Text.'
7. Select the file you just saved in step 4. Click 'Open.' The Text Import Wizard will appear.
8. Select 'Delimited' under 'Original Data Type.' Click 'Next.'
9. Select the delimiter you want to use. For instance, check 'Comma' instead of 'Tab' to see how it affects the conversion. Click 'Next.' Click 'Finish.'
10. Click in the first cell (A1) in Excel. Click 'OK' to import the data.

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