Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Use the Spell Checker in Microsoft Word

1. Select the text you want to spell check, or place the cursor anywhere in the text to spell check the entire document.
2. Go to the Tools menu.
3. Select Spelling and Grammar. The Spelling and Grammar window opens, and Word begins spell checking.
4. View any flagged words or phrases in the upper-left window. Just above this window, you will see the reason Word has flagged this text.
5. Check the Suggestions window in the lower-left corner of the Spelling and Grammar window for correction suggestions.
6. Click the Change button to make the suggested correction.
7. Click Change All if you want all instances of this error corrected within the text that you are spell checking.
8. Enter your own change if you disagree with the suggested correction (or if there is no suggestion) by placing your cursor in the flagged text window and correcting the text as you would in any Word document.
9. Click the Change button to implement your correction.
10. Click Ignore if no correction is needed; click Ignore All to skip all further occurrences of this 'misspelling.'

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