Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Rotate Text in Microsoft Office Word 2003

Rotate WordArt
1. Click the "Insert WordArt" button in the "Drawing" pane.
2. Choose a WordArt style from the "WordArt Gallery" dialog box and click "OK."
3. Enter the text you want to rotate into the "Edit WordArt Text" dialog box. Then click "OK."
4. Click the WordArt on your page to select it.
5. Choose "Draw," "Rotate or Flip" and "Free Rotate" from the "Drawing" pane.
6. Click the green rotation handle above the WordArt. Then use your mouse to rotate the text in a direction of your choice.
Rotate TextBox
7. Highlight the text you want to rotate in Word 2003.
8. Click the "Text Box" button in the "Drawing" pane to move the highlighted text into it.
9. Select the selection box surrounding the text box.
10. Click "Format" and "Text Direction" in the toolbar.
11. Select the text direction you want to apply in the "Text Direction - Text Box," then click "OK."

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