Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Use the Format Menu in Microsoft Word

1. Format the font from the 'Format' menu by choosing 'Fonts' or highlight the text to be changed, right-click, and choose 'Font' from the pop-up menu. Make desired changes to your font, including type of font, size, color, type style, and special effects. Experiment with the choices available, but limit the differences to only a few to avoid a 'busy' appearance in your document.
2. Change the appearance of your paragraphs from the 'Format' menu by choosing 'Paragraph' or highlight the text to be changed, right click, and choose 'Paragraph' from the pop-up menu. You'll be able to change the alignment, spacing and indentation of your paragraph. An easier method is to select 'Styles and Formatting,' which contains commonly used styles, such as 'Heading' and 'Normal.'
3. Make a list by selecting 'Bullets and Numbering,' then make changes to the way your lists looks with the available options. Habitual list-makers might enjoy a bulleted list with little boxes to check as you finish each chore, while those people who know they aren't really going to do the items on their lists might prefer a more simple bullet, or a smiley-face bullet.
4. 'Click' the 'Borders and Shading' button on the 'Format' menu to change the border on your tables, to shade sections of your table, or even to add a page border around the margins. A fancier page border is achieved by using the pre-loaded picture borders available under the 'Page Border' tab.
5. Add columns by highlighting the text that you want to turn into columns and then selecting 'Columns' from the 'Format' menu. You can select the number of columns and also change their size.
6. Use the 'Drop Cap' button to change the first letter of a paragraph to a giant letter, very useful for making your writing look like a storybook.
7. Change the appearance of different objects, such as shapes and text boxes, from the 'Format' menu. Many options are available so explore all the variations and select the one most useful based on your needs.
8. Auto-format your document using the 'AutoFormat' button, but be careful because this option can be like a Frankenstein monster. It functions, but often doesn't look quite the way you envisioned.

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